Delicious Cake Fillings

Every cake is baked fresh to order.

Our delicious cakes and fillings are made, fresh to order, by our own bakers. They include chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream filling, vanilla sponge jam and butter cream, red velvet with cream cheese – and (where listed on cupcakes) a gluten-free, vanilla sponge option. Each cake is made to order then cooled, cut, and creamed by our expert finishers.

Cake Fillings, Storage and Shelf Life.
• All cakes should be stored in a cool dark place, on a flat sturdy surface.
• Never put cakes in the fridge.
• Our cake will keep for five days after delivery.
Allergen Advice.
• Our vanilla sponge, chocolate and red velvet cake does not contain nuts but may contain nut traces.
• Our cake fillings contain GLUTEN (WHEAT), EGG and MILK.  As a special option, some cakes offer a gluten free choice.
For ingredient lists, please click the links below.
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