Use Corporate Cupcakes to Drive Brand Awareness

Use Corporate Cupcakes to Drive Brand Awareness

23rd Feb 2017

Thinking about promoting your cause, setting a favourable impression that will get people interested in what you do, can pose some difficult questions. There are many ways in which you can advertise, but many campaigns can prove to be expensive and the message that they try and convey isn’t guaranteed to be taken on board regardless. What you need for those meetings with clients or even staff, is something that can be striking, something that will prove to memorable, something that is slightly more unique than a flyer, a pen or web advertisement. One such way in which a business can set a memorable, tasty impression – is by literally rolling out their own corporate cupcakes !

Here at The Brilliant Bakers we have many years of experience in the creation of custom branded cupcakes for all manner of business operations. We always look for new and innovative ways to make our recipes extra delicious and go that extra mile to ensure that every single morsel tastes as exquisite as they should do. All of our handmade, branded cakes are baked fresh-to-order, ensuring that only the highest quality of cake will be delivered to their intended recipients.

Driving Brand Awareness Through Corporate Cakes.

If you’re thinking about ways in which you can promote your business, here are a few reasons why corporate cakes can help to drive brand awareness, not just amongst customers and potential clients – but your staff too!

  • Celebrating a business anniversary? No matter how old your business may be this year, it being a continued success is something that should be celebrated! No matter what you may experience during the year, just surviving and returning in a stronger position is a measure of success – so a business anniversary is a great excuse to celebrate your success! Of course, anniversaries are celebrated by cake and what better way to get your staff feeling part of the success and making them feel more a part of the company by sharing a custom logo cake with them? 
  • Hitting your targets? Of course, every single business has its targets, but how many actually acknowledge hitting them? You should be able to celebrate with staff and promote your success to potential customers; success breeds success – you could say that everyone wants a slice of a successful cake! What better then, to celebrate and promote yourself, than with a number of delicious corporate cupcakes
  • Celebrate your staff . A business’ biggest assets, is those whose talents and hard work help to make it a success; your staff. Celebrating a milestone birthday, years of service or a retirement, will further help your assets feel more involved with the business and in turn, contribute to a happy atmosphere around the workplace. A happy workplace can only lead to a better quality of work and a higher productivity rate too! 
  • Launching a new brand? If you’re holding a promotional event explaining what your new brand or product is and how it can benefit them, what better to make people fall in love with it than a tasty custom-branded cake? Getting a positive message about your business out there is half the battle won in gaining new custom – so whether you’re launching something new, doing some networking or any other public event that could benefit your business, don’t forget that nearly everyone loves cake! 
  • Customer sales events? On a similar theme, if you’re at a trade show or any event designed purely to attract the attention of any new customers, then branded cupcakes are a great way to get passing people to stop, try a cake and have a chat. Maybe you can put them on display, or even give them away in branded packaging (along with information on your services) for them to take home? No doubt, the tasty treat will remind them of your business and may even tempt them into having a look into using your services. 
  • Thanking your customers . It can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday business but a big help in retaining your current customer base, aside from offering a high quality of service, is by showing your customers some appreciation. Even something as simple as an event or meeting that gives away a branded cupcake or two will make a customer feel appreciated and shows them that your business is interested in offering them a comprehensive customer service.

Our Logo Cupcakes .

Presenting your company in a tasty, edible format will be a memorable treat for your clients, giving them a message or an awareness of your brand that they won’t forget!

Using our state-of-the-art edible ink printing technology, we can recreate your logo, branding or any other image or colours that you wish to have on a celebration cake or corporate cupcakes. Our range of corporate cakes includes round and square cakes of varying sizes, as well as seasonal cakes or even cupcake towers.

Thanks to our patent-protected packaging and usage of an experienced logistics contractor, we are able to ensure the delivery of our delicious corporate cakes anywhere in the UK, in a perfect, freshly baked condition.

High Quality Corporate Cupcakes, By The Brilliant Bakers.

If you would like more information on our range of corporate cupcakes or on any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get into contact with us. You can give us a call on 0208 778 2340 or you can send us an e-mail by filling out our contact form here If you’re on social media too – you can follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook