​Corporate Cakes

​Corporate Cakes

Posted by Karen Power on 2nd Oct 2017

Corporate Cakes

Cakes and treats have become a huge part of office life, and at the Brilliant Bakers we strongly believe that cake is an integral part of any celebration, and this remains true in the work place.

There’s nothing like sharing a bit of cake with your staff or customers to keep everyone happy. But rather than simply enjoy your cake during your break over a cuppa, a corporate cake order can be a fantastic marketing opportunity.

We are experts in creating cakes for celebrations which make your brand brilliantly tasty.

There are lots of reasons why your company might consider indulging in a corporate cake order- a work anniversary or achievement is great news and a perfect excuse for a celebration and to show off your brand.

Anniversaries or birthdays can be important milestones for your business. They are a good way to mark progress in your growth, reinforce your credibility and track record, and they also help to build your business and brand. So it’s well worth recognising and celebrating these moments suitably.

You may be having a corporate event, or a dessert table for an office party, and we can provide the perfect tailor made cake experience. Our unique custom branded cupcakes show off your company logo with edible printed icing, and are freshly handmade and delivered fast.

Branded cakes are an excellent way of giving your guests a little something to take away from an event. Our Corporate Cupcakes and bespoke Corporate Cake Service offer a wealth of options to choose from, no matter the size of your business.

We can deliver single or multiple cake orders, to locations all over the UK. It has taken us two years to develop and patent protect our packaging systems to ensure our exciting and creative cakes get to you safely. Our clever and secure, recyclable packaging guarantees your cake arrives looking simply brilliant.

Our branded cupcakes can be decorated with logos, and images onto our delicious icing or you can go for a more bespoke creation. We were delighted to bake cakes for Samsung. Our bakers cooked up a storm of some 45,000 logo cupcakes, packed into 4,000 boxes and the order came in with just two weeks notice.

The Travel Lodge also celebrated their 30th birthday in Brilliant Baker style, and we were pleased to be able to create a themed cake design in the shape of a travel lodge bedroom, and packed off 520 bed-shaped cakes for national delivery.

We have crafted our recipes with delicious flavours for you to choose from. Our Genoese vanilla sponge is filled with a delicious buttercream and jam. We do a delicious gluten free vanilla spongecake so that no one is ever left without cake at the party, and a sumptuous chocolate fudge cake-a top to toe chocolatey creation, and our newest addition to our cookbook is a deliciously rich red velvet cake.

We deliver Monday to Friday to your office or location anywhere in the UK. So go on, enjoy an excuse to have some cake, get the kettle on, and bring your brand to life with the Brilliant Bakers.