Brilliant Gifts for Father's Day

Brilliant Gifts for Father's Day

Posted by Karen Power on 3rd Jun 2019

Father’s day falls on the 21st Sunday in June, but really we know that Father’s Day should be celebrated everyday. As our Dad’s provide us not only with a whole lot of love, but a lot of laughs along the way. And for the most part Dad likes everyone else to be happy and wants for nothing, insisting he has it all already anyway. But Father’s Day is a day to make sure your Dad feels super special and we make an extra special fuss over our favourite man in our lives.

So what is it about our Dad’s that we love the most? Dad’s often are the funniest (and silliest) of characters, whether we laugh with them, find them hilarious, or completely embarrassing. He tells funny stories from his own childhood with a self-deprecating humour and we love to think of our Dads as being little people one day who have made all the same mistakes as us.

Dads are experts at funny bedtime stories. Like the ones that have puppet hand characters on the wall and really silly voices. Or his hilarious commentary on everyday life and people- of course, never told in a mean way but with a funny skill in observation unparalleled to anyone else in the family. How about Dad’s ability to execute the most ridiculous and funny unexpected moment which has everyone doubled over with laughter- and then there’s Dad’s dancing. At what age did his dancing actually turn into ‘Bad Dad dancing’?

They often have the most amazing knack of being able to impersonate people hilariously or pull off pranks catching the intended victim off guard, but always with good sense enough to not be mean or destructive.

Hilarity aside, our Father’s can be the most selfless, caring and hard-working people so it is only right that we treat them to a very special Father’s Day this June the 16th.

So what to get your beloved Dad when he gets showered with socks and shirts and ties at most other occasions? Why not treat him to a little indulgence in the form of a delicious Brilliant Bakers Cake freshly baked with your choice of filling and design and a special message delivered to his door. 

Our range of Father’s Day Cakes include a Father’s Day Comfort Cake, A delicious, home baked, cake decorated for Dad on Father's Day. Kept deliciously fresh and safely delivered in a gift wrapped tin with ribbon. Serving 12-14 portions and in a cake tin of high quality and will make a delightful cake or biscuit tin to serve as a constant reminder of how delicious the original cake was. 

We also have just the cake for the keen Fishermen. The cake includes an ornamental fisherman in his boat. If Golf is your Dad’s sport of choice we have the perfect gift for him. If you Dad is your Superhero surprise him with this delicious superman creation.

If you think your Dad would love to see his beloved family on a cake, you can choose to upload your own photo to Glitter Photo Frame Cake, I love You Photo Frame Cake or our Photo Cupcakes.

Slice into anyone of these cakes to find sumptuous freshly made fillings. We have crafted our recipes with exquisite flavours for you to choose from. Our Genoese vanilla sponge is filled with a delicious buttercream and jam. We offer a delightful gluten free vanilla sponge cake so that no one is ever left without cake at the party, and a sumptuous chocolate fudge cake - a top to toe chocolatey masterpiece, and our latest addition a divinely rich red velvet cake. 

It has taken us over two years to develop and patent protect our packaging systems to ensure our exciting and creative cakes get to you safely. Our clever and secure recyclable packaging guarantees your cake arrives looking simply brilliant.

We require at least 2 working days’ notice in order to ensure the timely delivery of your Father's Day cake. Our free delivery service operates Monday-Friday. 

So go on, send your Dad a cake, and give him the best thing you can on Father’s Day- your time….pay him a visit and enjoy a slice with him while listening to his stories and enjoy the man that is truly endless himself, your friend, advisor, teacher, hero, the endless enthusiast and role model- your Brilliant Dad.