Bake an Announcement with the Brilliant Bakers!

Bake an Announcement with the Brilliant Bakers!

Posted by Karen Power on 1st Aug 2018

It's always exciting to make and announcement, but have you thought about baking an announcement?

Listen up, everyone… I have an important announcement to make… I am pleased to tell you that… I am happy to inform you that… It gives me great pleasure to announce that… We are excited and delighted to announce that...Drop whatever you are doing….We’ve just heard from head office that…

Your ears are sure to prick up at such revelationary disclosures. But more and more frequently we are finding customers contact us to help them to ‘bake an announcement’ and effectively say it with a delicious freshly baked cake.

At the Brilliant Bakers, this novel and rather fun way of surprising people, and sharing great news gets us very excited. After all- there’s nothing better than sharing in someone else’s good fortune and being the bearer of good tidings in the form of sugar and spice and all things nice, and turning their happy message it into a delicious cake.

So we thought we would share some of the unique ways in which people have enjoyed sharing their good news with a Brilliant Cake.

Getting Married

So although we weren’t asked by Harry and Megan to do any announcing of their big day, we took it upon ourselves to join the celebrations and see if anyone would take part in wedding fever along with us before the prenuptuals, and it seems many of us did indeed toast them over a big slice of cake not only on the day but in the lead up to their wedding day.

Announcing your Engagement 

Traditionally the sharing of a photo of the happy couple, and the engagement ring did the job, but more and more people are celebrating the occasion with their photo on a cake when the family are around. Choose a cake like our 'I Love You' photo cake and upload your photo when you place your order on our website. 

Expecting a Baby

When you think of cakes and babies, it used to be that the Christening Cake would be the little ones first symbolic encounter with a cake. But baby showers have been popular in the UK for some time now, and the new U.S. trend of ‘gender reveal’ parties for expectant couples seem to be catching on in the same way. Couples reveal the sex of their baby in front of throngs of over-excited friends and family - by cutting a cake, and inside the sponge is of course traditional blue or pink.

Our ‘It’s a Boy’ or ‘It’s a Girl’ Cupcakes, are a popular way of breaking the news to expectant grandparents…nothing nicer for Granny than receiving such happy and delicious news by post. 

Important Business Milestones

We are frequently asked to create innovative Corporate Cake orders to celebrate company successes and milestones, whether it be for the launch of a new company, to give customers, clients or staff something tasty to take away and let them literally get their teeth into your new brand, or whether you are an established company, everyone will appreciate a cake to celebrate company successes.

A Tasty Awards Ceremony

We were asked by Heat Magazine, to create a cupcake favour for each attendee, with the event hashtag, to not only get people eating their brand but tweeting about it on the night. What a great way to get your event trending on social media, and a nice gift for people to take away with them after the event.

Book Launch

It seems cake is welcome at every celebration, and certainly launching of a new book is an excuse for a party and to mark the end of one project before moving on to the next. We created a fun cake for the launch of Helen Taylor’s 'The Backstreets of Purgatory', a novel featuring Caravaggio in present day Glasgow.

A launch event is a fantastic way to get people excited about your new product or service. It’s an opportunity to thank people who’ve contributed towards the project, treat your customers like VIPs and to create an opportunity for images and publicity.

But events aren’t just a way to get attention, they should also be a celebration, and what is a celebration without a cake!?

So whatever your announcement, let us help you shape it into a delicious cake! Visit our website, or contact us now to discuss your order 0208 778 2340.